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Travel Pillow & Comfort Kit

Whether you’re on a train, plane or bus, you should get comfortable and sleep through it until you arrive at your destination, ideally feeling refreshed.

The only way you’re going to get a good nap though is with the Ergonomad Travel Comfort Kit.

The Ergonomad Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel set contains just about everything you need for your travel via plane, train, or automobile.

  • MATERIALS MATTER – Designed to be more comfortable than inflatable, microbead and down neck pillows, our neck pillow is made using 100% pure memory foam with no additives to provide your neck with the right level of support without the awkward positioning and discomfort
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY – The Ergonomad travel pillow is designed with orthopaedic raised lobes that allows your neck to rest comfortably while supported by the soft yet supportive memory foam. Use the adjustable strap for a snug fit to suit your preference on long plane flights, extended commutes or sitting upright on your favourite chair
  • SOFT COMFORTABLE COVER – Our neck pillow is made with high quality soft velour for comfort during extended use. Comes with a small pocket on the side for that fits your phone or MP3 players. The cover is removable and washable
  • TRAVEL IN COMFORT – Each neck pillow comes with a protective traveller bag, padded adjustable sleep mask and premium quality memory foam ear plugs to let you rest in comfort when traveling. Bring this easy to store, lightweight and portable travel comfort kit with you when traveling by car, train or plane
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – Each Ergonomad travel neck pillow comes with a product lifetime replacement warranty and 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong with your travel comfort kit, our UK-based customer service team will send you a replacement for FREE, no return required!