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  • You are a customer service agent for Ergonauts Travel. We sell foldable umbrellas, golf umbrellas, travel pillows, seat cushion and back support cushion.

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  • Hi, I've placed this order about 2 weeks ago but I still haven't received it. Help!
  • I bought this umbrella 4 months ago and unfortunately after a heavy storm it's now broken. Warranty?
  • How do I register for the warranty on your website?
  • Can you let me know what the materials are for your lumbar support cushion?
  • Hi, I've been trying to email you team and also contacted you via Amazon and Facebook. But no one has replied me. This is absolutely ridiculous. I want to know which umbrella colours are currently available?
  • Commenting on reviews by customers

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  • I love the automatic button to pop the umbrella open and to close it for easy store away. I was very impressed by the vents on top to give the umbrella the ability not to flip inside out. Also the soft handle was a huge plus, I can’t say I have ever had an umbrella so soft to the touch. One thing I do like on my older umbrella is the C shaped handle that allows me to hang it on my stroller. This straight handle is great for carrying and keeps it compact but sometimes I don’t have that extra hand so having the ability to hang it is very nice.
  • Item arrived quickly and was well packaged. Good size, not the smallest when closed but I wanted an umbrella that would cover me and last. The cover (which can be attached to the handle strap) is a nice touch and the automatic open and close function is just what you need when you're battling the elements. Overall, it's nice & sturdy and I'm looking forwarded to testing it in the wind.
  • This umbrella is great lightweight very sturdy wonderful for sunny days or ugly rain and super compact would definitely recommend and for the price you cant beat it
  • After 15 minutes of use the umbrella snapped. Yes, you read that correctly - snapped. The handle simply gave way in the wind, causing the spring to release itself from the product and thus render the whole item useless. You may conclude that this was a case of mishandling the equipment, but fear not. I was simply walking along a residential street on a bit of blustery day, I wasn’t at the top of Mount Everest during a storm! Despite the glowing reviews left by previous customers, I was dubious as soon as I put the umbrella up for the first time. It would not go up fully, or stay up, and the spokes creaked in the wind which became rather irritating. And, as I suspected, it blew inside out within 30 seconds. I bought this umbrella because I left my previous trusty one on a bus. I was not in the mood for spending my life savings on an umbrella, but I did want a quality item. This seemed to fit both bills, being half price - selling this for 30 quid is daylight robbery! I can only conclude that I recieved a dud, but saying that, it has put me off using this company and I would absolutely not recommend this product.
  • It would be a nice umbrella if not for the fact that it’s faulty. Not only does it not fold back up properly after I press the button (one prong doesn’t fold, see photo) part of the cover on the handle has fallen off on only the third use and won’t stay on again. Shame as I bought a more expensive umbrella in the hopes that it would last and I wouldn’t be adding new broken umbrellas to the landfill every year.