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Ergonomad is a small family run business based in the beautiful city of London, United Kingdom. We think that taking travel should be a fun, hassle-free and enjoyable experience. (We are travellers too!)

Founded after extended travels to and around Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to making products designed to make your travel journeys easier and more comfortable.

While our extended travelling was one of the best experiences of our lives, but we realised that there were smaller details that could’ve made our experiences significantly better. Travel accessories at airports, despite sold at “Duty Free” shops are either not very good and don’t last long or simply way too expensive.

When we returned, we combined our product development, design, sourcing and manufacturing background to start development travel accessories we wished we had on our travels.
After significant amount of research, testing and development, we finally came up with our first line of products. 

We offer products that last, to make your travel journeys and daily commute better and more comfortable. All items are thoroughly tested, backed by warranties, and manufactured to the highest standards with leading manufacturing partners.