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Winners So Far – Seat Cushion Contest – (01/2020)

By January 8, 2020June 16th, 2020Contest

We will be updating this page periodically, make sure you entered your best email address for the contest to ensure you actually get informed if you won!

Any invalid email addresses might just make you ineligible for your prize.

We send every winner a separate email to inform them that they’ve won and the winners have 7 days to respond to our emails and claim their prize. Once the time has lapsed, we will draw a new winner.

30 winners in 30 days!

  1. Jane Howells
  2. Esmee Matthijsse
  3. Martin Heard
  4. Vicki Wharton
  5. Ayleen Pilling
  6. Susan Downes
  7. Paul Chadwick
  8. Belal Ahmed
  9. Lindsey Madeley
  10. Michelle Henderson
  11. John Martin
  12. Sandra Gardner
  13. Juliette Giles
  14. Eve Howitt
  15. Rebecca Druce
  16. Oliver Price
  17. Fiona Karbal
  18. Elizabeth Ball
  19. Toby Fletcher
  20. Caroline Goudercourt
  21. Samantha Pitkin
  22. Pat Collingwood
  23. Shira Groombridge
  24. David Monk
  25. Sheila Reeves
  26. Brenda Quinn
  27. Linda Gerron
  28. Simon Emery
  29. Marion Mccaffery
  30. Kathy Scannell

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